What job can I do in France with a BTS ATI?

At the end of their training, holders of the BTS Assistance Technique d’Ingénieur (BTS ATI) join industrial companies, as well as research and testing laboratories. They join design, production or sales departments in various sectors. They work in construction, the chemical and agri-food industries, the electrical industry, industrial mechanics, the electronics industry, aeronautics, arms, energy, R&D, etc. Discover a non-exhaustive list of jobs that you can do after obtaining your BTS ATI.

Engineering Assistant

The engineer’s assistant is one of the jobs accessible after obtaining the BTS Technical Assistance to Engineers. As the right-hand man of the engineers and researchers, he is involved in the implementation and preparation of technical operations and provides valuable technical and administrative assistance to ensure the smooth running of the department.

Mechanical Manufacturing Assistant

Based on mechanical plans, the mechanical manufacturing assistant is responsible for manufacturing, adjusting and assembling mechanical parts of a set. He/she also carries out appropriate controls and tests and is also required to carry out studies.

Project Management Assistant

Within the framework of information and communication systems development projects, the project management assistant plays an important role in defining needs, ensuring that they are taken into account. He also accompanies the users.

Technical framework of studies

This professional analyzes the client’s specifications and defines the technical solutions required to accomplish the functions they contain, while ensuring that the allocated budgets are respected. He/she estimates the studies, organizes and manages the project team, etc.

Technical writer

He/she writes maintenance instructions and user manuals intended for a public of specialized professionals, but also for the general public (household appliances, audiovisuals, computers, etc.). He/she ensures the conformity of technical data, which he/she summarizes in a report or a manual.

Scheduling Manager

A true organizer and time manager, the scheduling manager plans production according to the orders issued by the sales department. He or she is responsible for distributing work among the various workshops and controlling their supply.

Test technician

In accordance with a test plan or specifications, the test technician is required to test prototype motors and energy equipment. He or she performs meticulous checks using thermal, static and resistance tests, as well as simulating the operation of the equipment.

Technician in design office

He/she pilots the entire product design process based on the specifications defined by the Research Department. He/she takes part in product tests and proposes solutions to problems encountered. He/she carries out controls and studies by collecting all the necessary documents.

Industrial Design Technician

This technician designs systems and mechanical parts for several industrial sectors, in compliance with specifications validated by the client, defining the client’s needs and the product’s functionalities.

Industrial maintenance technician

He/she is responsible for preventive and corrective maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of the various production equipment. He must also detect breakdowns and establish a diagnosis. He/she intervenes in the event of a breakdown, while coordinating the teams during the intervention.

Control Methods Technician

In tandem with the engineer who develops the test plan, the control methods technician’s missions consist of testing, measuring, controlling and analyzing all prototypes (new engine or lifting device). He or she verifies that the prototypes comply with the specifications.

Preparation method technician

In fields such as mechanics, sheet metal work, composite materials, etc., the preparation method technician determines and describes, from the design office’s definition files, the operating methods for manufacturing parts or assembling units that meet quality requirements.