What job can I do in France with a BTS in managerial action support?

The objective of the BTS SAM is to train managers’ assistants, who will help the manager (or a team) in his daily tasks. Graduates must therefore be versatile, as the role is multi-tasking. They may even work in an international context, depending on the company. The main tasks are to prepare, facilitate and manage the work of their supervisor. Nevertheless, graduates must be autonomous and reactive. Mastery of 2 to 3 foreign languages is essential. 

Discover the jobs available after obtaining a BTS SAM.

Communication Assistant

Today, all companies must communicate. Most of them have dedicated communication departments, managed by a communication director/manager. Depending on the size of the company, the number of managers and employees in the department changes; thus it is not uncommon to find one (or more) communication assistant. He/she participates in the main communication actions, and his/her missions are numerous. They include, among others: 

  • Participation and implementation of the company’s communication plan,
  • the creation of communication supports (print/web), 
  • Participation in the logistics and follow-up of the company’s events, 
  • secretarial and administrative management of the department (diaries, drafting of reports, etc.), 
  • follow-up of media relations. 

However, his or her missions and responsibilities are likely to evolve according to the structure that employs him or her, and he or she must be able to “jump from one thing to another”. To become a communication assistant, you can complete your BTS in Paris or in the provinces. This training is available all over France, as it is very popular with students.

HR Assistant

The Human Resources Assistant has an administrative position within the HR department. He/she is the link between the HR department and the company’s employees. Of all his/her tasks, the main one is “day-to-day management”: drawing up declarations to social organizations, pay slips, employment contracts; administrative follow-up of personnel files (contracts, leave); updating of administrative and social procedures.

It can also in parallel : 

  • be in charge of recruiting or training staff (non-executive), 
  • Participate in the establishment of the social balance sheet and the company’s management charts, 
  • carry out studies on personnel (career development, salaries, etc.), 
  • Participate in exchanges with staff representative bodies (works council and unions).

As for the communication assistant, his/her tasks vary according to the company. Sometimes their role is purely administrative. In other companies, the HR assistant may have more responsibilities, especially in very small companies.

Assistant manager or management assistant in SMEs

In SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), the head of the company is confronted daily with various and varied tasks. Thus, he is often supported by a management assistant. The latter, a true trusted collaborator, will be able to be versatile in order to relieve the head of the company. Organization, communication, accounting, personnel management, commercial action, legal assistance, finance, taxation… So many sectors that this “right-hand man” will have to understand! In short, the assistant manager (sometimes called “office manager”) must be capable of assisting his or her manager with classic assistance missions, as well as with more specific management or expertise activities.

As you will have understood, its missions and responsibilities are extremely diversified. Here are some examples:

  • mail management; physical and telephone reception; making appointments, 
  • follow-up of documentation, customer files, promotional activities related to the company’s products or services,
  • management of meetings, trips and travel,
  • updating of employee personnel files, monitoring of absences and leaves, labor legislation,
  • follow-up of relations with customers, suppliers, banks, tax authorities, social organizations… 
  • Current operations related to the company’s cash flow,
  • supervision of supply and delivery operations
  • elaboration and launching of commercial and marketing actions of the company
  • … 

This super assistant must therefore be versatile, master many tools, speak English, be completely autonomous and organized, resist pressure, have good interpersonal skills and know how to take initiative!