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Etudes supérieures

How to choose a career in France that you like

You have to decide what you want to study in France and you don’t know what to do? In this article, you have all the keys to deciding what career to study. In these times of urgency, it is important to follow a proven plan.

“I don’t even know what I want to eat for dinner tonight.” This is the reaction of many students when someone asks them what they want to do with their future. While for some this question is easy to answer, others often have a blank or such a long list of possible careers or degrees that the choice is mission impossible! Or so it seems.

Any decision, no matter how difficult, is easier to make if you have a plan of attack. You’re in luck, because this article contains your plan. Let’s break this decision down into five more manageable parts, and you’ll see that choosing is no longer mission impossible.

Think about what you would like to do each day

Analyze yourself and think about what activities generate the most enthusiasm for you. You can also do this by eliminating, by eliminating from the list the activities in which you do not identify and do not think they are for you.

Analyze your strengths and weaknesses

Since you know what you identify with and what you would like to do, analyze whether you have the profile for it, identifying the strengths you have, the skills you have already developed, as well as your weaknesses and/or opportunities for improvement. Take a career orientation test! It will help you make this analysis.

Search for the career that interests you

If you already have a career in mind, research it, the job landscape, where you can work, how much you will earn, possible risks you might be exposed to, what you might specialize in, etc. This way you will soak up information about it.

Know what job opportunities you may have

To learn more about this aspect, you can approach people you know who have studied this career and work in the field you want to work in.  This way, you will have a clearer idea of what to expect when you graduate.

Find out about schools and programs of study

Finally, choose the right college to study at. Ask questions about the program, the professors, the courses, how you can earn a degree, whether you can get a scholarship and more. Choosing the right college is as important as choosing the right career for you.

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