The opportunities of the master of science international management in France

The Master of Science in International Management is a professional training program which, thanks to its numerous internship periods in France or abroad, will enable you to launch your professional career. ESAM knows how important it is for you to achieve your professional goals, which is why we support you throughout your program. Through our Corporate Relations department, we follow each student’s progress and advise them on how to succeed both academically and professionally. With a professional integration rate of 95% six months after their studies, ESAM students are our pride! You should also know that 90% of them get a permanent position! These percentages illustrate the successful integration of ESAM students into the job market.

Career opportunities in France

Would you like to have a career that is as rewarding as it is fulfilling? Opt for the Master of Science International Management without further delay! This 5-year degree opens many doors in the fields of marketing, general management, international trade and logistics. Your training will enable you to obtain a position of responsibility in a wide variety of sectors such as, for example, in consulting firms, NGOs, financial institutions, but also in the fashion and luxury industries. Everything depends on your professional project, which has been worked out in advance with the ESAM teaching staff.

What job can I do in France with a Master of Science in International Management?

The MSc International Management is therefore an excellent springboard for all those who wish to perform one of the following functions

  • international buyer: the role of the international buyer is to study the various national and international markets in order to find the best products and/or services at the best price without neglecting quality;
  • international market manager: as a position of responsibility, the international market manager’s main missions are to develop markets in various geographical areas and to optimize sales;
  • export salesman: an outstanding negotiator, the export salesman plays a key role in the company, prospecting for new customers and building customer loyalty;
  • international development manager: as the person in charge of international business development, he or she is the guarantor of the company’s good results and economic growth;
  • foreign subsidiary manager: a key player in import-export, the foreign subsidiary manager manages partnerships with foreign suppliers and determines which products and/or services to sell and optimize;
  • international strategy consultant: his main mission is to understand and analyze the economic and political stakes of a foreign country in order to establish new commercial projects;
  • business developer: as a development manager, he/she must find new economic levers so that his/her company’s activity develops further…