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4 Tips to Choose the Right Online Degree

Choose the Right Online Degree

Are you thinking about pursuing an online degree? This is one of the best ways to study and acquire the skills you need for your dream career. But at this moment, you may also be hesitant when it comes to choosing your degree. Here are 4 tips that apply to all types of profiles. From … Read more

Reasons to study in France this summer

Did you know that the average temperature in France is around 77 to 86 °F in July and August? Imagine spending your summer holiday there. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s not just your imagination. You can actually make your dream come true by studying in France this summer. There are so many great … Read more

What job can I do in France with a BTS ATI?

At the end of their training, holders of the BTS Assistance Technique d’Ingénieur (BTS ATI) join industrial companies, as well as research and testing laboratories. They join design, production or sales departments in various sectors. They work in construction, the chemical and agri-food industries, the electrical industry, industrial mechanics, the electronics industry, aeronautics, arms, energy, … Read more

DSCG registration in France: How to register?

You want to register for the DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de Comptabilité et Gestion)? In order not to miss any important information and to register in time, you will know all the steps to register for the DSCG !  The national registration procedure for the DSCG requires compliance with specific procedures: here they are!  Conditions of … Read more

How to find a training in food processing in Paris?

Let’s cut to the chase and break down preconceived ideas: no, the food industry is not immune to new technologies! Whether it is by developing new methods or new processes, this field remains promising and continues to attract students. New professions, still unknown a few years ago, are guiding the new agri-food training courses, to … Read more

Human Resources (HR) training in Paris

Human resources training aims to provide students with key skills in terms of career management, recruitment, professional training, internal communication, social climate, etc. In France, you can take a human resources course in a specialized school, but management and business schools also offer these training programs. Are you interested in a career in human resources? … Read more

Where to train in human resources in Toulouse?

At the heart of corporate policies, human resources development is nowadays essential to increase your company’s performance. It encompasses numerous missions such as personnel management, recruitment management, development of training programs and corporate social and environmental responsibility. Thus, they represent an added value for the company and for the employees who are more motivated and … Read more