How to get digital training in France?

According to the latest Digital Report from Hootsuite and We Are Social, more than 4.5 billion people use the internet today. The number of social network users is estimated at 3.8 billion. This means that nearly 60% of the world’s population is connected to the Internet on an almost daily basis.

This hyperconnectivity has of course important social and economic repercussions. Companies are engaged in a process of digitization, individuals use the Internet to communicate and to buy a lot of products, etc. In short, the digital revolution is underway! A revolution that can even be seen at the level of employment, since the digital field employs more and more executives.

How can you take advantage of this great opportunity by getting digital training? Let’s find out together.

Specialized schools in France

In France, we have various university courses dedicated to digital technology. These are generally given in specialized institutions such as the digital school ESIN. The advantage of these courses is that they are constantly revised to adapt to the latest trends in the digital sector.

Some specialized schools also have the advantage of offering their students study abroad semesters, internships, etc. In short, anything that can enrich the students’ career path and provide them with the necessary technical and interpersonal skills.

By opting for a digital school, a student also has the opportunity to follow a sandwich course. This type of training is very popular for various reasons. The most important one is that he can acquire a notable theoretical know-how in a company, as well as immerse himself in the professional world through an internship.

Training center in France

To train in digital technology, it is also possible to go through professional training centers. The advantage of this type of establishment is that the training courses are short and diversified. In addition, they are more focused on practice rather than theory.

Among the digital fields that can be trained in a training center, we find in particular :

  • Web development ;
  • Business intelligence;
  • The use of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, etc.

The learner can follow several of these courses at the same time! However, before enrolling in a training center, it is important to make sure that the center is accredited and that it has the Qualiopi certification.

Short courses in France

Short courses are an ideal way for people who want to enter the digital job market quickly. Indeed, whether it is a BTS or a DUT, this type of course is of a professional nature. In other words, it promotes the acquisition of technical skills essential to the exercise of a digital profession in a very short time (two years of study after the baccalaureate).

To enter a BTS or a DUT dedicated to digital technology, a student must have a technological (STI2D) or scientific baccalaureate. 

Licence or Master in France

A Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree are the perfect courses to acquire advanced knowledge in the digital field. These two courses, which take 3 or 5 years respectively, help to train competent digital executives. Generally, the students who follow them have already mapped out their professional project. They aim for positions of responsibility with strong prospects for advancement, and know exactly what position they would like to hold once they graduate.

Note that once in the Master’s program, students choose a specialization. After this course, they become experts in a branch of digital technology.


As we can see, the options for digital training are diverse. All you have to do is choose the one that best suits the goals you want to achieve. A quick access to the job market? Become a digital expert? Here are some questions to ask yourself before settling on one.