What are the management professions?

Management is in constant need of competent young graduates. This sector is, moreover, the first recruiter of new graduates and for good reason, management is an essential discipline for the development of any company, whatever the sector of activity, from industry to finance, including energy, tourism, luxury goods, sport… Management jobs are as numerous as they are varied and cover all fields, offering good prospects for the future, as well as important professional opportunities. Discover the main fields of management jobs.

The management of publishing

Digital technology is profoundly transforming the publishing sector, a sector that is very important economically, socially and culturally, and that weighs heavily in France’s cultural spending. The role of management professionals is to develop the market and renew production, against a backdrop of increased digitalization. Following a quality business management training, it is possible to enter this sector through the front door!

Environmental management

In a world that is increasingly concerned about environmental issues, employers are looking for specialists who can find practical solutions to adapt quickly and effectively to new challenges and regulations. Environmental management is the result of a growing awareness among senior executives who want to better respond to the environmental concerns expressed by their clients.

Health management

Due to its vital importance, the healthcare sector is, by nature, a source of employment. Employers in the sector are constantly looking for senior executives in public or private healthcare organizations, as well as professionals capable of managing in the pharmaceutical industry, marketing managers for healthcare products and/or services, or administrative and financial directors of a healthcare organization. The new recruits must, in particular, bring their expertise for a better development of health or medico-social structures.

Sport management

A preferred choice for young people who want to make a living out of their passion, the sports business professions are becoming increasingly attractive. Especially since the sector is rapidly evolving, both in France and internationally. For a successful integration in this sector, it is recommended to master a foreign language.

Luxury management

Luxury creates thousands of jobs every year in France, the country of luxury par excellence. It is no coincidence that this sector attracts new young people with a management degree every year, eager to make a career in it. This sector, with its high employment potential, enjoys a good image in the four corners of the world, and graduates of a French school have every chance of finding a job abroad.

Fashion management

In the fashion industry, there is a wide range of positions and professions related to management. Young students interested in this field will have no trouble finding a job in this sector. Indeed, the major brands in the sector have a preference for graduates who combine management skills with a proven penchant for fashion.

Management of commercial units

Graduates in the field of management applied to the commercial sector benefit from a rapid integration into the job market, and this for positions as numerous as they are varied. By developing their expertise in commercial and managerial techniques, graduates can look forward to a successful career.

Management of SMEs

More and more young people are turning to management studies with the aim of entering the world of entrepreneurship. This is particularly true for those who aspire to create their own company after a few years of experience in a management position.