How to find a training in food processing in Paris?

Let’s cut to the chase and break down preconceived ideas: no, the food industry is not immune to new technologies! Whether it is by developing new methods or new processes, this field remains promising and continues to attract students. New professions, still unknown a few years ago, are guiding the new agri-food training courses, to train tomorrow’s professionals as closely as possible. But how to find a training in agribusiness? Here’s a quick overview!

Why agribusiness?

The food industry remains very important in the French economy. Whether it is on the turnover or on the jobs, this industrial sector is the first on the French territory according to the ANIA, the National Association of Food Industries. If we go further, we also notice that this sector counts, in Île-de-France alone, more than 22,000 employees at the end of 2018, according to the latest report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. From then on, going for a food processing training in Paris becomes a guarantee of employability.

If we put aside the economic and professional argument of the agri-food sector, we can retain that of passion. We are not going to paraphrase Confucius and his philosophy of work, but as in any profession, passion remains a key element to evolve in a field. It will be a source of motivation, of surpassing oneself and above all, of happiness. After all, who will feel like working when he or she is working every day in a field he or she is passionate about?

Agribusiness, for whom?

So what profile should you have to work in the agri-food industry? Passionate people, of course, but also those who need to create meaning in their daily lives, by working in a sector that meets vital needs. People for whom their professional actions must have an impact on society or on social issues. 

It is also a field that is destined for people wishing to have prospects of evolution. Yes, the agri-food industry includes several professions that are as diverse as they are varied. It is also a sector in full technological evolution, leading to new jobs, new outlets, especially for those who will have the curiosity to dig, get informed and test these new methods.

Finally, the food industry is reserved for methodical and rigorous profiles, with good interpersonal skills and a strong sense of management. The industry is above all governed by technical methods and procedures. Understanding and grasping them will allow the employee to evolve rapidly within the company.


Opportunities in the agribusiness sector in

As you can see, it would be difficult to list all of these new jobs, and even boring. Whether you are an executive or an employee, in operations or in management, in a frontal or vertical position, the opportunities are multiplying. Especially since each profile has its own diploma, its own specialty and its own experience. However, we offer you a non-exhaustive list: 

  • agribusiness market expert manager ;
  • plant manager ;
  • operational marketing product manager ;
  • quality manager ;
  • business manager ;
  • development manager ;
  • economic, management and tax advisor in rural areas…

So many professions that you can practice after having found a training in agribusiness and obtaining a specialized degree in this sector.

So, after reading this article, are you convinced by each of the advantages of agribusiness? You think you fit the profile? You know what you have to do: train for tomorrow’s challenges by specializing in agribusiness!